Zoos don’t look like this anymore.


They look like this:


Good zoos do not keep their animals in “tiny spaces” with no enrichment.  I’m not pro-roadside zoo.  I’m pro-accredited zoo.  Zoos are incredibly important for conservation and education.

There should be way more pictures of modern zoos so i just add some more

How cool omg

And I can add some more contrast. The anti-zoo crowd really lives a hundred years ago.

Borås Zoo savannah (only modern photo that’s not mine)

The bears have acres of woodland and their own private pool.

(Can you see the wolves? There’s a whole pack chilling there.)





































shoutout to those random peacocks you find in places that are probably unsuitable for a peacock to inhabit in the first place

what the fuck kinds of lives are you guys leading. i’ve never seen a peacock in my life. where are u guys finding them.

Random neighborhoods in Florida

a gas station in morocco

middle of a busy road in england

middle of the woods in a rural town in Mississippi 

Irish farms??

Roof of a house in a tiny English village

Screaming their heads off in abandoned fuel stations in the back-blocks of the Rangitikei

with a group of pheasants in the woods in maryland

Strutting outside the window of an elementary school library in Texas.

Walking down the street of a California suburb on a hot summer afternoon like he owns the place

At a golf club in Long Island

At a strawberry festival in SoCal

Outside a café in Ayia Napa

Walking thru my neighborhood in nebraska

watching over fish near a pond in switzerland

Roaming free in the New Orleans zoo. Not part of an exhibit or anything. Just strutting around being peacocks.

Roaming around the side of the road in the rural part of indio

Side of a quiet road on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Chasing random cabbies on the road in Singapore

Chilling by a pond in Pennsylvania

Chilling by your hot tub in Northern Illinois

Displaying for my car as I learn to drive on the dirt roads in pennsylvania.

Bossing around the goats in a petting zoo in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Random castles in Austria.

Flirting inappropriately with a chicken on the Isle of Wight

Freaking out suburban soccer moms in Oklahoma for over a month, also they appeared to be gay.

Abroad on my college campus, roosting in the pines three stories up and freaking out freshmen with their dusk screaming.  

Also, begging for ice cream at Cardiff Castle.  

Beside the petting zoo in Victoria, pointedly not one of the animals you can pet.

My former backyard in Toronto, when the High Park escapee came a calling.

hanging out by the beach on rose island (remote, uninhabited) in the bahamas

Rural northeastern Ohio, where as a child I would hear what sounded like a child yelling help, only to find out years later that the guy two doors up the street had them.

Outside a pizza place in a strip mall on Long Island

The entire Detroit zoo,free roaming and uncontrollable. Also the neighborhood around the Detroit zoo equally free roaming and uncontrollable.

I woke up and there was one in my garden

Juuuuuust out of reach of around ten angry, screaming chimpanzees at the L.A. Zoo.

Birdblr, I Need Your Help!

I manage someone’s private aviary that they inherited from the last homeowner.  They have three cockatiels*, two Bourke’s parakeets, and one small psittacine of some type that nobody seems to be able to identify.  I’ve Googled ad nauseam to no avail.  The owners want to get her (she has laid eggs once so I’m confident she is a female) a companion, and I need your help in identifying this birb.

Obviously, she’s some kind of lutino morph.  She’s bigger than the other birds, and they tend to get out of her way if she wants to sit/eat/fly somewhere.  Her tail has gotten a little longer since these photos (these are from when I first started working with them), and it has a tiny bit of a green tinge to it.  She doesn’t have any other identifying marks beyond what you can see in the photos.  She is not hand tame, so this is the closest I’ve been able to get to her.  She isn’t very loud, and her noises seem to be limited to a couple of mild beeps and whirrs.

Who is this friend?

*And yes, the cockatiel in the picture is very thin.  His previous owner had become too old to care for the aviary and apparently had a massive bird die-off.  All the cockatiels have since fattened up nicely and look 1,000 times better!


I’m looking for fish/aquarium blogs to follow! 🐠
please like and/or reblog this if you’re a fishblr who is supportive of the lgbt+ community. the reason I’m asking for that specifically is that I’ve followed a few blogs only to later found out they were homophobic/transphobic and it made me very uncomfortable. fish are my special interest and I want to be able to see photos of them and read about them without worrying that something that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe might show up on my dash.
if you like or reblog this I’ll check out your blog and probably follow you!


good mobile games?


i have a 15 hour flight ahead of me and i am not bringing my laptop.
im not even sure i will have access to wifi on the flight.
are there any good mobile games i can put on my phone that dont need webz connection and aren’t pay to play?

i have rayman, fallout vault (which is pay to play mostly anyway haha), Bloons 5, and tap my katamari. and ones that dont have ads pop up every 5 seconds

i sort of like word games, but im looking for adventure.

also, any book suggestions for kindle?
i love the game of thrones books, the hunger games series, harry potter, and cherie priest novels.

im gonna try to work on snake articles on the flight too but idk how much i will be able to do with just a phone. god… have they made outlets a thing on planes yet? cuz my phone will be ded otherwise.

Oh man, I used to fly all the time but I was more of a podcast person (MBMBaM was my go-to)


Secret Pro Tip: Even now, only some planes have outlets, and they can be hard to find.  If you don’t see an outlet on a back of the seat tv screen, look down and to your left and right of your own seat.  Sometimes there is a hidden outlet there (it’s what the attendants use to vacuum between flights.  You’re totally allowed to use them but they aren’t immediately visible.